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Chaos Upon Us

The idea that we live in a chaotic world is not acceptable among the people, many of them think that they do what they want when they want and how they want, and others think that whatever they do is written and all they have to do is just act their part in the world, they live a lifeless life.

But the truth is that everyone of us has a specific role in the world whoever we are or whatever we do everyone of us has a role in our life, the small things we do, the big things, even when we do nothing we affect the world and how the timeline goes, if we changed and little detail in someone’s life the whole world will change because of this change.

All we have to do is to find our true selves and do what we do the best, to spread our art our works ourselves, cause with or without us the life goes on and nothing or no one can stop it, so we have to leave our mark to leave the best we can at least die trying.


#Artiest :Khairudin Zainudin

How world works in such a chaotic way makes you believe that what happened to you is just the best, even if you don’t find it that way, but if you think wisely you will figure it out.

Like “Tilda Swinton” in her role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as “Elizabteh Abbott” the woman that her dream was to swim and she achieve her dream at age of sixties, so whatever is your age or your gender or your religion or anything, you should have something worth fighting for, something makes you who you are.

So if it was just making the people around you happy or motivate them or give them a hand of help, you don’t have to be celebrity or famous to help people or to achieve something, even little things people appreciate the most.